Dear Essential Oil Wellness Advocate:

Do you want to talk about essential oils to grow your business but sometimes forget which claims are FDA compliant?

Do you want a portable reference tool that helps you identify which essential oils may affect a particular body system?

Are you losing business because you don’t have the information you need at your fingertips?

Now there is a solution!
FDA Compliant Language
Ease of Use

Four types of printable cards

Usage Symbol Key.    Body Systems.   Single Essential Oils.   Essential Oil Blends.


Your All-in-One Reference Tool

In order to help you grow your business, the Wellness Language Toolbox provides all key info in one place:
Body System Cards
Each body system has two cards** and is color-coded for easy reference in the corresponding Essential Oil Card set.

The first body system card displays a list of each essential oil that may affect that body system.

The second body system card contains a definition of the body system using key words and phrases for maximum search functionality.

**Since 'Emotional Balance' is such a broad topic, I've included a total of 7 reference cards addressing specific categories of emotions and the essential oils that may affect them.
Essential Oil Card Highlights
1. Name of essential oil

2. Latin name

3. FDA compliant language describing properties of the essential oil

4. FDA compliant language describing common uses for essential oil

5. Color-coded bands for relevant body systems

6. Oil usage symbols
.pdf Accessibility (view anywhere)



(Optimized for 4x6 index cards but looks great on letter sized paper, too!)
Body Systems Cards
Essential Oil Cards Singles
Essential Oil Cards Blends
Body Systems

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