Dear Essential Oil Wellness Advocate:

The categories of Emotional Balance Cards are based on the following properties:
  1. Properties: Uplifting, Cheering — Emotions addressed: sadness, despair, disappointment
  2. Properties: Inspiring, Invigorating, Stimulating — Emotions addressed: boredom, discontentment, disinterest
  3. Properties: Renewing — Emotions addressed: anger, guilt, shame
  4. Properties: Comforting — Emotions addressed: grief, sadness, hopelessness
  5. Properties: Calming, Relaxing, Soothing — Emotions addressed: anxiety, frustration, panic
  6. Properties: Grounding, Reassuring — Emotions addressed: fear, anxiety, worry
  7. Properties: Encouraging, Motivating — Emotions addressed: apathy, discouragement, indifference

“Okay, this all sounds Amazing, but how exactly can I use it?”

The Wellness Language Toolbox can be loaded onto all of the personal electronic devices that you use for viewing PDF files.

Put one copy on your primary computer, one on your laptop, one on your tablet and one on your phone.

You will want to have a copy of this wherever you go.

Even though my phone screen is small, I can still read the information easily.

Caveat: Unless you have vision superpowers, it would not be legible on an iWatch …

With the Toolbox files loaded on your phone, you are ready to answer questions anywhere without requiring access to the internet or a data plan.

If you are at your child’s ballgame and a friend asks you about Lavender, just look it up in the Toolbox file.

You’ll have the list of benefits for Lavender Essential Oil at your fingertips along with basic usage information and body systems affected!

If you want to learn about essential oils for something specific – say, the liver, for instance – you would enter ‘liver’ in the search box of your PDF reader while viewing the Toolbox.

This search would provide 2 results: page 8 – the Digestive System, and page 18 – the Lymphatic System.

From there you can narrow your search for essential oils that might provide the support you’re looking for.

For ease of use, the cards are optimized for printing on a 4×6 index card or photo paper.

More great ideas for how to use the Wellness Language Toolbox: